Doctors and therapists

Doctors of Uganda need your support

In Uganda, there is only approx. one doctor for every 10,000 citizens. Some specialists such as cardiologists or internal medicine doctors are extremely rare or are not situated anywhere close to the specific area where they are needed. There are also far too few trained physical therapists to treat all of the children in need. We try to make the best possible use of the existing infrastructure, but this is unfortunately nowhere near enough to help every child. That is why we are looking for you, if you are

  • a doctor in any field
  • a dentist
  • or a physical therapist

and have been practicing for at least two years. You can help children lead a better life. Whether it is through life-saving operations, routine medical procedures that make day-to-day life for a child with a disability noticeably easier, or through physical therapy, which promotes, improves and sustains mobility.

Here is how you as a doctor or therapist can help in Uganda

You can remain completely flexible and help when you are available, able and willing to offer up some of your time. With a commitment of anywhere between one to three times a year, consisting of ten days to a maximum of three months, anything is possible. We consciously refrain from employing doctors and therapists on any given project in close intervals and for excessively long periods of time to preserve their flexibility. We will discuss with you what length of time is ideal for you, when you can start your deployment and where your accommodations during your deployment abroad will be. Our organization will cover the complete costs of travel, food and accommodation – all you have to do is bring your valuable medical training and skills. Together, we can help a lot of children – let us get started as soon as possible!

Send your non-binding application to We look forward to receiving your e-mail!

For Physiotherapists

Are you a physiotherapist who would like to support the work of our organization?
We are looking for physiotherapists who are ready to give and transfer their knowledge and skills in Uganda. Many children in Uganda depend on physiotherapeutic assistance. Many patients need increased mobility; physiotherapy is required after operations; wheelchairs need to be adapted; and much more.
You can ensure that your knowledge is transferred locally by showing the families how to care for and assist their children.
The local hospital personnel in Uganda also require training to ensure long-term care for our small patients.
Please contact us at