Every child needs a good education

Even though education is compulsory in Uganda, not every child has the luxury of going to school. Many families are not able to afford school tuition or the costs for school uniforms, food and learning material. In many cases, children are desperately needed for labor and therefore do not attend school at all or only very infrequently. A solid education for the majority could indeed solve many of the country’s problems and, apart from that, it is the only protection girls have from entering into forced marriage. That is precisely why this is a cause we want to promote.

Cooperation with Thumbs Up Uganda

Children with disability in particular have no real opportunities within the current school system in Uganda. We can create a life full of possibilities for them by giving them a chance to an education. For this to succeed, we rely on strong cooperation. Together with the organization Thumbs Up Uganda we want to change society’s perception of children who suffer from disabilities and give them a future. With a school that Let Doctors Fly and Thumbs Up Uganda have built together, this is becoming reality. It is the first school in all of East Africa with inclusive classes. The significance of such classes is demonstrated each day in the most wonderful way:

  • Each child receives the same opportunities, regardless of origin or health status
  • Each child receives attention and is given individual support
  • Children with disability are no longer stigmatized, but integrated
  • The community of both disabled and healthy children is strengthened
  • Parents of impaired children are relieved of the financial burden

With a good education, we lay the foundation for far-reaching changes in the life of each individual as well as for the good of the community. Integration of disabled children, reinforcement of affected families and equal opportunities for every human being – that is exactly what we can achieve thanks to the support you provide day by day.