Charity events

Sweat, tears and children’s eyes full of laughter: charity events for Let Doctors Fly

You can actively contribute so that we can continue implementing as many projects as possible for children in Uganda living with disability. Organize a charity event and collect proceeds for a project that we hold dear to our heart. The first event of this kind we held in 2017. Under the slogan “We climb, you donate”, two physical therapists, Kerstin and Corinna, climbed mount Kilimanjaro (5,895 meters) in Tanzania. They were motivated by the kind words posted on the event website and numerous individual donations from various online supporters. In the end, they managed to conquer the mountain. Every drop of sweat was worth it, because the target amount contributed considerably to us being able to open our inclusive school in Uganda.

Your individual charity event

Whether you wish to conquer Kilimanjaro or organize a charity run in your town – we are happy if you can actively help in any capacity. Let us be a part of your ideas. Together, we will find an important project that urgently requires your support. Together, we can not only mobilize your energy, but that of as many supporters as possible. We show our active commitment to the children of Uganda – you can too.

You can reach us by e-mail any time: We look forward to your suggestions!