Routine medical procedures save the lives of children

In Uganda, there is a massive deficit of doctors, as there is only one single doctor for approximately every 10,000 people – far too few to ensure reasonable medical care for everyone. The chances of receiving a life-saving operation or vital therapy are therefore low. That is why we take advantage of medical treatment modalities on site and dispatch additional doctors from Germany to Uganda, who can carry out life-saving or greatly life-enhancing operations and treatments.

Overcoming the psychological barrier of a diagnosis

Before a much needed operation can be performed, a robust diagnosis must be established. Because this is so expensive in Uganda and those affected have to travel far, our organization acts as a link between the disease and the treatment. To do so, we provide support in various ways:

  • Offering those who are suffering illness a place where they can go for an initial contact
  • Assuming the entire costs of diagnostic procedures
  • Transportation to far-away tertiary care facilities and medical specialists
  • Devising treatment plans in cooperation with doctors on site
  • Organizing surgical procedures in Uganda
  • Dispatching additional medical specialists from Europe

Each treatment gives hope of a future

We want to facilitate the entire chain of initial contact through to the diagnosis to the necessary operation and subsequent treatment. To minimize the fear of high costs, we finance diagnostic procedures for sick children and adolescents and help them find the best possible treatment. Sometimes all that is needed is to eliminate the burden of travel by providing a doctor on site. Other times, we dispatch medical specialists from Europe when there are no appropriate doctors available in Uganda. It is always about providing the best possible help to each individual child. Operations save lives and give the hope of a future these children deserve so much. Help strengthen our network and get involved – whether as a doctor traveling to Uganda on our behalf or as a donor and sponsor – every contribution is incredibly important.