Help for every child

Affection and help for every child

Everyone would agree when we say that every child

  • deserves a chance in life,
  • should be given the best possible encouragement,
  • needs a loving home,
  • should be healthy,
  • or be able to deal with disease.

And as self-evident as these statements should be, they are still far from being reality. We meet people on a daily basis in Uganda, especially children, who experience a reality far different from ours. Abandoned children, children without a future, children with no real chance in life. And because these children are what drives us to give them our best, we would like to tell some of their stories. Let us not look away, but instead, let us look closely where help is needed and where we can take action.

This has already happened in many cases. Thanks to your donations and sponsorship, we have been able to rewrite numerous stories and give children in Uganda courage and hope again. In the following pages, we would like to introduce you to some of our children!