About Let Doctors Fly

A first-hand encounter with poverty changed everything

Let Doctors Fly arose out of poverty, so to speak. Out of the poverty that our founder Pamela Yaqub encountered during a trip to Uganda. One that was so intense that it literally hit her on every level. During a trip through the northern region of the country, she saw countless sick and disabled children who had been treated in absolutely inhumane ways, in some cases at the hands of their own family members! It broke her heart, but what is more, it fueled in her the need to make a change. What followed were many discussions, a great deal of research, further trips to Uganda and the search for others who could lend a helping hand. At the end of 2012, we started building up our organization and, within just a few short months, gained recognition as a charitable organization. Since then, we have been pursuing the following objectives first and foremost:

  • Health: Treatment of children affected by sickness and disability
  • Education: True equal opportunity for every child and access to schooling regardless of disability
  • Future: Awareness and acceptance of children with disability as a part of the community

On the following pages, you can read more about our vision, our strong team, the unshakable zest for life of the children of Uganda and how you can actively help support the work we do. Become a part of our team – we look forward to welcoming you!