Children in Uganda

Uganda: beautiful and destitute

Uganda, a landlocked country in East Africa, is beautiful. Situated between Kenya, Tanzania, south Sudan and Rwanda, a breathtaking landscape reveals itself to the visitor. Lakes, jungles, savannas and the White Nile evince the beauty of this country. Nine national parks and six wild reserves make it possible for you to experience elephants, zebras and many other animals in the wild. But Uganda is also poor and a country plagued by crisis. Between 1966 and 1986, an authoritarian leadership committing many human rights violations and civil war-like conditions revealed a contrary image to the captivating beauty of its nature. These years had a lasting impact on the country making it one of the 50 poorest countries in the world. Some of the things that affect the people of Uganda in particular are a low standard of medical care and a lack of medication and skilled personnel. The average life expectancy is approx. 59 years, infant mortality approx. is 60/1000 live births. Unfortunately, no good place for a child to grow up in.

A project close to our heart: Uganda as a safe home for children

The country displays impressive beauty and is home to about 35 million people, many of whom are children. But a countless number of them live alone or were cast out by their families because of disability. On one hand, children with disability are perceived as a burden to families in Uganda. On the other hand, there is deep-seated superstition among people in the country that people with disabilities are cursed. Every fifth family in Uganda is affected. Every second child with disability does not get to live to see its fifth birthday! There are many reasons, one being the lack of information as to how to deal with disability and poor medical care.

We want to make life for these children a little better and more beautiful and give them a real chance. Because children are our future and deserve our affection and care – everywhere in the world; especially in Uganda. Please help offer your support and have a look at some of the projects we have already been able to implement.