Our vision: Help make children’s dreams come true

Sigmund Freud once poignantly said, “Happiness is the fulfillment of childhood dreams.” Anyone who has ever looked into the gleaming eyes of a child whose wish has been fulfilled would agree. But children’s wishes are not the same everywhere. While a child in Germany may dream of getting the new PlayStation or a cool bicycle, a child in Uganda has wishes of a much different kind:

  • Being healthy
  • Living a life free of pain
  • Growing up knowing their mother and father
  • Having the luxury of going to school
  • Walking or running on their own

Wishes which our children often take for granted, simply because most of these things are second nature to them. And for that we can truly be thankful! We at Let Doctors Fly however are devoting all our power to ensuring that these wishes can become reality for as many of the children of Africa as possible.

Helping others to help themselves and respect for life

For the children of Uganda, this is what reality looks like:

  • They spend their entire lives in dark huts and are excluded from society
  • They are stigmatized and considered to be cursed
  • Their parents abandon them because they are unable to care for them
  • They are excluded from the education system
  • They are unable to receive medical treatment for their physical impairments

To add insult to injury, girls especially often experience physical abuse and are forced into marriage at a very young age. The number of women who are educated is statistically low.

Together, we can create real opportunities!

Our vision is to abolish all of these obstacles. There is still a long way to go to achieve this, as the situation in Uganda is precarious with a rudimentary and underdeveloped health care system. We would like to change that and provide others with the tools to help themselves. To make this vision a reality, having one single doctor flown into the country is not enough. We are strengthening the available infrastructure in the country, working to educate people and teach them that disability is not a curse and that children with disability are equally worthy of love. So that parents can themselves carry out simple physical therapy exercises with their children in order that they can slowly gain more mobility. So that girls do not have to get married at 15 but can go to school and expand their educational horizons. So that every child can live their life seeing their own wishes fulfilled.

Help us share this strong vision, because together we can achieve so much more. You can find out more about how you can take action here.