Help the children of Uganda: Here is how you can help

You would like to help but you are not sure how exactly to go about doing so? It is so nice to know you are there! The good news is: There are many ways you can help disadvantaged children. On the following pages, we will give you a brief overview of the possible ways in which you can provide support. You can choose what style of helping fits you best.

  • Donations: whether it is a one-time gift, regular money transfer or corporate donation: every contribution and every dollar goes where it is needed. Find out more about making a donation to Let Doctors Fly here.
  • Sponsorships: The most personal way to provide support is to sponsor a child in Uganda. Find out more about the stories of the children and help ensure that a child receives the vital medical and personal care they need. You can find out how it works here.
  • Medical trips: You are a doctor or a physical therapist? Then you have knowledge that can change the lives of children in the heart of Africa who are living with an impairment. Let us talk about whether a working trip is something you would consider. You can read more about it here.
  • Charity event: There is no better way to actively help. You are more than welcome to organize a charity event for Let Doctors Fly and mobilize your community for this good cause. You can read about what a typical charity event looks like here.
  • Jewelry: This is a wonderful opportunity to help and a visible sign of gratitude. Support our organization’s work and buy a piece of handmade jewelry from Uganda.
  • Amazon Smile / Gooding: You can also give your support through Amazon Smile and Gooding. Proceed like you would with any other regular online purchase, but use Amazon.Smile. At the end of your order, your purchase amount remains the same, but Amazon donates a percentage to our organization based on the value of your purchase. is based on the same principle and offers more online shopping options.
  • Money fines: Criminal judges can decide to donate fines and monetary penalties to charitable organizations. You are more than welcome to use this form of donation to lend us your support and help disadvantaged children receive a better future.
  • Volunteering: You would like to give the gift of time? Wonderful! Help us bring in donations or become a part of our public outreach program. Spread the word to friends and acquaintances or simply write us when you have the time and want to get involved. You can reach us at

Each one of you can help in your own way. It would make us and the children of Uganda very happy to look forward to your help.